3-in-1 Extruder Upgrade

This is the home of the 3-in-1 Universal Extruder Upgrade; a bolt-on replacement extruder feeder made from billet Aluminum and PEEK engineering polymer for the following 3D Printers:

  • Makerbot Replicator 1
  • Makerbot Replicator 2
  • Makerbot Replicator 2X

  • Wanhao Duplicator 4/4X/4S/I3
  • FlashForge Creator
  • MagicFirm Mbot3D
  • CTC Bizer Series
  • Monoprice Maker Select PIII
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(2 Extruder Modules shown)

It's designed and manufactured in Canada for long life and durability under extreme temperatures (PEEK performs well up to 480*F so it will continue to work if you choose to print ABS/Nylon which requires higher temperatures).

You can customize the solution to your printer by selecting only the modules you want. Your kit can include all the parts required to replace your existing extruder feed mechanism including the tool for adjusting spring tension. Or, it can include just the hardware so that you can print and assemble your own versions... you decide!

Extruder modules cost $88 US each (each requires a hardware module to complete the assembly)
Hardware modules cost $12 US each (all the hardware to support one extruder module*)
*Hardware modules can also be used with printable versions of extruder modules (see Download Files)


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Installation Manual

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Current Status: Running Very Low On Parts
(Estimated Completion: N/A)

Each full kit will be pre-assembled and test fit onto a NEMA-17 stepper motor for quality control. Each kit weighs 75g per extruder and is shipped out in an 8" x 5" x 1" bubble mailer envelope by Small Packet Airmail to keep cost minimal (sorry - no tracking). Once payment is received through PayPal, your kit will ship out within 2 business days (if parts are in stock). Shipping takes 2-3 weeks depending on customs.

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