Customer Feedback

"I received the package and promptly installed it yesterday. I've had some of the best extrusion I've seen in probably a year. It's been frustrating. This new piece is very cleverly designed and seems to work perfectly. I'm going to recommend one to everyone I know with a 3D printer."

A.B. (Seatle, USA)

"I just bought and installed the purchased aluminum version for both extruders on a Wanhao duplicator 4S. Also upgrded to the Micro Swiss All Metal hot end... The system is working flawlessly. Haven't had to tear appart the head to declog filaments since the upgrade. Accuracy and thermal stability are improved as well. Thanks to DHeadrick for the design and implementation as well as support beforehand... Thanks a lot. The upgrade is well worth it!"

G.S. (Brunswick, USA)

"I am going to completely upgrade both my machines. These upgrades rock, the ease of installation and the reliability are worth it."

R.L. (Huntersville, USA)

"I just received your extruder modules for my Replicator 2x. I had it installed in a few minutes. This is without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever done to my printer! I no longer worry about whether or not a print will fail from extrusion issues. The quality and fit of the parts are excellent! Great product!"

R.D. (Aurora, Canada)

"Just wanted to say thank you for the superb upgrades for my 2x. I have them installed and working perfectly, excellent quality and design. Oh, and now I can heat the build chamber to a higher temperature."

M.W. (Chatham, UK)

"I cannot say enough good things about the quality, fit and finish of the parts. The whole experience has really had a feeling of quality and professionalism."

K.J. (Bellevillem, USA)

"Just to chime in, this is a fantastic upgrade, easy to install and corrects a lot of issues."

G.P. (San Francisco, USA)

"In fact, this upgrade is so good I used it last year on the Ulti-Replicator demonstrated at Maker Faire and using it again this year for public demonstration on the "Ulti-Replicator 2". It looks great and performs even better."

V.B. (North Charleston, USA)

"Pay the $88 and buy the Aluminum module. It rules! The beautifully machined compact design is easy to remove disassemble and service. Tension adjustment is a snap as well as super quick filament swaps with the "de-tensioner" feature."

F.F. (Albuquerque, USA)

"...your extruder has been the best upgrade I have had since owning this printer. So far everything I have printed has come out far exceeding my expectations. Before, I would hope that I wouldn't get an air print half way through a ten hour print."

V.S. (Aurora, Canada)

"Love it, Love it, Love it!!! After installing the stronger springs I haven't had to touch mine. An absolute pleasure and a major part of the equation removed when fault finding."

S.J. (Birmingham, UK)

"I'm blown away... if my 2x had your level of precision in its design, I would have built an Iron Man MK 14 suit by now and I'd be saving the city from Rob Ford."

M.B. (Toronto, Canada)

"Received mine on Monday evening, took about 15-30 minutes to install and I'm up and running. I had been having a lot of "air printing" issues on my Rep 1 lately and the new extruders immediately solved the problem."

M.A. (Cincinnati, USA)

"...I have used a printed version (with official hardware) in the Right Extruder position on my Rep 2X (with ABS), and it eliminated my "air print" problem immediately. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the full aluminum set of both Right and Left Extruders..."

K.H. (Los Angeles, USA)

"I've been using this upgrade now for some weeks, and was a little skeptical with having to use a tool to change filament. But what a great design it actually is!! Very impressed - not only does it work flawlessly, but it also allows for really quick and easy filament changes. Thanks for great design and execution - kudos."

G.V. (Groningen, Netherlands)

"I installed both extruders and made test prints from each. Flawless."

J.A. (Seattle, USA)

"As seen at Maker Faire working wonderfully in front of hundreds of folks including the MakerBot staff who came by to check it out. In fact, Melody (a past moderator of MOGG) pointed out the 3-in-1 extruder upgrade to others. In other words, she knew exactly who made it. So that is good that those support folks at MakerBot are extremely aware of the upgrades and who made them."

V.B. (North Charleston, USA)

"Full marks to you for this kit, it is very professionally done and I am really impressed by how much effort you have put into perfecting your design, which by all accounts is working well and providing all the extra benefits of adjustment and access to the pinch wheel. Well done!"

H.T. (Bundaberg, Australia)