Ninja Mirror Extensions w/ Camera Mount

By moving the mirror rearward and outward, the range of view from each mirror is shifted to allow them to overlap at as close as 10' behind the bike. This overlap gives the rider much better visual coverage of what is behind them... leading to a much safer experience.

Tired of seeing nothing but your own elbows in your
mirrors unless you shift your body position?


As a bonus feature, each extender plate has a threaded hole which can accept a RAM mount allowing a camera to be hard-mounted to the front of your motorcycle. This allows for a vantage point which is stationary relative to your bike. A camera can be oriented to provide an un-obstructed forward view. A camera can also be oriented to capture a great view of the rider which can be helpful in learning good body position while riding.

No need to entrust your expensive camera to the
holding power of a suction cup anymore!

Another benefit is that this extender kit can double as a blocking plate to hold your windscreen in place if you wish to remove your mirrors for a track day. The mirrors can be eaily removed while the camera mounts and windscreen remain securely in place.


Installation Manual

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