Ninja Lightweight Rear Brake Rotor

In order to keep the Ninja 300 as agile as possible, we must not waste any of the horsepower that the engine produces. Shedding weight is one of the easiest ways to improve performance. The biggest bang for the buck is shedding weight from the unsprung mass of the bike which helps in two ways. First, making it easier to change speed and direction by reducing the overall weight of the bike. Second, improving traction suspension performance because the wheel is lighter and easier for the bike to keep in contact with the road. Both of these benefits together lead to better handling overall and more fun for the rider.

Want to increase your power-to-weight ratio to squeeze
every bit of performace from your bike?


A bonus improvement is achieved because the reduction in weight is removed from the rotating mass of the bike. This means that accelerating and braking are easier because there is less energy required to change the speed of the tire. This means that more of that precious horsepower can be directly used by the rider.

Now, you too can have a performace brake rotor
even if you have an ABS braking system!

A unique feature of this rotor upgrade is that it's compatible with the stock ABS system whereas most are not! If your bike doesn't have ABS, the extra mounting holes can be removed easily to further reduce weight.


Installation Manual

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